Rare Earth Roll

Product Description

The Master Magnets Masteroll Separator originates from a proven design, currently installed in the Mastermag Laboratory for the testing of clients mineral samples. This testing is regularly carried out to determine the correct type and size of equipment for the customers specific application.

The Masteroll incorporates the most powerful rare earth permanent magnet system currently available, being manufactured using the highest grade of Neodymium Iron Boron magnets.


The Masteroll is used to extract ferromagnetics (highly magnetic material) and paramagnetics (less easily magnetised material), enabling the separator to obtain a cleaner end product with no metal contaminants. The Masteroll Separator can benefit a wide range of industries to include the most common of dry mineral processing and ceramic and powder industries.

The Magnetic Separator operates with the material being fed onto a short centred conveyor via a vibratory feeder. Whilst non-magnetics are discharged forward of the roll in the normal trajectory, the magnetic elements are securely held to the belt and are discharged down the rear chute only when the belt leaves the Masteroll.

Both the vibratory feeder and the magnetic roll operate from independently variable speed drives, allowing for peak separation flexibility.